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The Black Bee Experience

Honey Bee Haven

The Black Bee Experience

Why are havens important

Bees have many challenges at the moment, they are various diseases that can kill a whole hive, the insecticides we put on our gardens kill them, even some of the paints we use aren’t helping.
But there is one very big problem….

…One that we can all help with right now….

…One that you see every day….

…There aren’t enough flowers for our bees.

Even if we sorted out all the diseases and the insecticides and all the other issues, the bees would probably starve to death.

Bees feed on two things, nectar (for carbohydrates) and pollen (for protein) both of which come from plants. Without both of these they starve.

A Honey Bee Haven is an area given over to bee-friendly plants. It doesn’t have to be a garden it can be a container, a window box, an area in your school or even a place in your park.

If you create a haven you are making sure there is enough food for our bees.

Do something amazing and save the honeybees.

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